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Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint Too Crowded Now

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Though I live and work in Nanshan, Shenzhen, I’ve decided not to use The Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint anymore. Last night, I returned from Hong Kong, and it took me 78 minutes to cross back into Shenzhen. (When it gets too crowded, they usually open the second floor, but last night they didn’t!!)

Shenzhen and Hong Kong friends report similar wait times. Several weeks ago, my friend David waited for 3 hours to get to Hong Kong. (It had been the opening weekend for Inception the movie, and understandably he refused to turn back!)

This followed from yesterday morning as I crossed over to Hong Kong at 7am. The whole ordeal only 19 minutes. Then I was aboard the B3X headed for Tuen Mun then the 961 to Central IFC.

7am!?! Why so early? Because last Sunday I arrived at 9am and had to wait over an hour to cross the border!

(Despite the sleepiness, some mineral water and a walnut roll at Simply Life Bread and Wine set me in good moods again!)

From now on, I’m going to cross the Luo Hu Checkpoint.  Yes they see more volume, but they have more experience dealing with high volumes.


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August 16, 2010 at 7:09 am

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Bring Your Passport When You Go To A Shenzhen Sauna Or Spa

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Shenzhen Eastern Athens a few nights ago.

Was there with a group of businessmen visiting Shenzhen for the first time, and we saw Shenzhen Public Security demanding hotel staff check ID for all spa/sauna patrons.

Why? Because the Shenzhen city law requires those running Shenzhen establishments (hotels, love motels, spas, saunas, net cafes) offering overnight accommodation to ask for ID. For Foreigners, this means you must show your passport.

Chatting up one of the hostesses, she offered “Usually it’s enforced around 2am. Tonight they came in at 8pm and returned again a few minutes ago.”

—> So foreigners, if you’re going to a Shenzhen spa/sauna ie Queen’s, Carnival, Pacific…bring your ID along. They may ask for it.

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August 16, 2010 at 6:48 am

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